Beating Exercise Breakouts

We all know that exercise is good for us. It is essential for acne sufferers to exercise for a number of reasons but we also know that exercise can cause breakouts. How? Dust and dirt may collect in the skin if we are exercising out of doors and there is a lot of dirt that can be picked up in the gym as well. That and the increased sweating and it doesn’t take a scientist to realize that conditions are ripe for clogged pores and acne. Read on for tips to deal with this.

Sweating is actually good for you – it flushes the toxins out and helps to regulate body temperature. The problem is that the sweat just sits on the skin when the exercising is over and this, along with any toxins and dirt will be in a prime position to block the pores. Wipe away sweat as quickly as possible.

Ditch the makeup – it makes no sense to exercise with full makeup – even if you do manage to get that cute guy’s phone number, you may be in the full throws of an acne attack when you get the date. The only time you should wear anything on your face during exercise is when you are outside and then only sunscreen is allowable.

Clean your face before you think about going home. It is not that difficult to throw in a tube of cleanser for use as soon as you have finished exercising – get a head start on the acne by washing the sweat and grime away as quickly as possible.

Moisturize after you have cooled down. Your skin won’t properly absorb nutrients until it has stopped sweating and this could end up causing a breakout.

Clean clothes and towels please. You should shower before leaving the gym and wash your gym clothes and towels after each use. Whilst in your bag, your dirty and damp gym clothes and towel are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. If you use them again without washing them first, you are giving the bacteria a great new host – you. Consider getting gym clothes specially designed for athletes – this tends to be lightweight, breathable and has properties in it that wick sweat away from the body.

The basic idea is simple – get rid of the sweat as quickly as possible, keep your skin clean after exercising and the pores won’t have a chance to clog.
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